Three Generations Of Lipo Laser Machines

Over the years, our modern world has a lot improved because of our technology which is why there are a lot of products that have been improved too. Some of this product that is commonly used in this modernized era is the Lipo Laser and LED machines – these machines are often used to reduced unwanted body fats.

Lipo lasers and LED machines have improved a lot today and each of the machine’s generation has surpassed each of their models and they are determined by the wavelengths that the paddles diodes of it can generate. It is no doubt that all of the generations have similarities but the real differentiator is just one single factor – the Wavelength. Read further to know more about laser device.

Let us look to all generations of Lipo Laser machines.

  • First Generation

The first generation of Lipo Laser machines was obviously having a higher nano-meter of wavelengths and their typical and common wavelength is approximately 670 nanometers. Though it is not that strong compared to the latest generations of lipo lasers or LED machines, the first-generation help inspired and created other future models to become more effective and efficient.

  • Second Generation

In this generation, it is more effective compared to the first generation of Lipo Lasers and LED machines. This time, this generation produces and created lesser or lower wavelengths of approximately 650 nanometers, but this time they have higher strength and efficiency. Besides, these second-generation machines are still used today since they can still produce successful results.

  • Third Generation

This generation has created the best Lipo Laser and LED machines in the market. They have known as the most innovative and powerful generation of Lipo Lasers that has a wavelength of approximately 635 nanometers. Moreover, these machines are stunning since they work fast and accurate at what they are supposed to do – like melt fat and tighten the skin.