Measuring Your Promise Ring Size

Are you aware of the process of measuring the ring size? Promise rings are made for the couples immensely in love and made for each other. Exchanging rings symbolises that the person wants to remain with you for the rest of his or her life. The loving partners give each other promise rings born on the fourth finger of the left hand.

The education is believed wearing a ring in the fourth finger of the left hand connects the heart of each other. It is sad the vein of the fourth finger directly connect with the heart. This, in turn, connects the heart of two people. Such is the beauty it symbolises. Love, the symbol of peace and togetherness can be completed with a promise ring.


It is the most crucial step to be followed by the partner to get the perfect size of their partner’s finger. It is once in a lifetime task. You propose your partner once in a lifetime so make sure the ring you are gifting them fits perfectly.

Most of the time, people make the mistake of choosing the wrong ring size for their partners. It ends up in a messed up proposal. Many people have also made blunder buys ordering the wrong ring size. So the most essential task is to find out the right size of the finger. Get more interesting details about promise rings for couples on

The standard size of every Jeweller is 6. The measurement process differs from country to country and brand to brand. Every other country and a brand has a different method of measuring finger ring size. Example, the process of measuring the finger ring size is different in the USA and Canada. So while giving the measurement, make sure you are giving the measurement in their own terminologies and regional requirement.