Liebermann Reagent Kit – Storage And Other Instructions!

Liebermann reagent is actually the mixture of Potassium nitrite and sulphuric acid and it is a test for cocaine and other new psychoactive substances.  There are various kinds highly toxic compounds that are needed to be test, so along with the reagent, you can easily do the tests and able to get better outcomes automatically. It becomes really easy for the people to use the test kits for the Ketamine and also for the mephedrone as well.

How can I get the Liebermann reagent kit?

As you Liebermann reagent kits are sale on the online store, so you just need to place the order and pay online for getting the kit at your desired address. Make sure, package will comes in the plain bubble mailer that doesn’t mention anything having to do with the chemicals. However, you will find the instruction or user manual along with the kit that can be useful to understand the accurate use of the kit automatically. Get detailed info about liebermann reagent testing kit visit on

How long do test kits stay useful and how should a person store them?

If we talk about the storage process of the Liebermann reagent then it will stay last for over a year if you stored inside the freezer when you not use it. Well, the fridge is not good enough they must be stored in the freezer. Most of the these kinds of kits needed some time to thaw before it can be used, however, all the other regents will not congeal completely, so you can check them out first and then use it directly.

It is colorless!

The Liebermann reagent is colorless and it is best for testing the cocaine and many other substances, but it is also really best for Benzofurans, MDMA and the MD and many other substances as well.